I, Daniel Blake

When: Thurs 10th August, 7pm-10pm (incl post show discussion)
Where: John Clare Theatre, Peterborough PE1 1SQ
Who: Peterborough Arts Cinema
What: Film

Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) is a 59-year-old widowed carpenter who must rely on welfare after a recent heart attack leaves him unable to work. Despite his doctor's diagnosis, British authorities deny Blake's benefits and tell him to return to his job.

As Daniel navigates his way through an agonizing appeal process, he begins to develop a strong bond with a destitute, single mother (Hayley Squires) who's struggling to take care of her two children.

I, Daniel Blake is a 2016 drama film directed by Ken Loach and written by Loach's frequent collaborator Paul Laverty. £6 adult, £4 under 16. Pay on the door.

Peterborough Arts Cinema would welcome any donations to Peterborough Food Bank. Items they are urgently in need of at the moment are: Long Life Fruit Juice, tinned fruit, tinned meat / fish, tinned vegetables and instant mash. They already have plenty of Beans and Pasta.