Is Peterborough Good or Rubbish?

When: Saturday 12th August, 12pm-2pm
Where: Metal at Chauffeur’s Cottage, St Peter’s Road PE1 1YX
Who: Scottee & Queer Peterborough
What: Debate

We’d like to invite children, young adults and the taller people who are responsible for them to a tea party at Metal. Over banana bread, fizzy water, sugary tea and home made biscuits we’ll talk about the world! We’ll discuss big words like ‘economy’ and ‘environment’ and hear what sort of world you would like to grow up in - a poor world? A rich world? Or a happy world? This event is open to anyone who identifies as a child - we think 4-10 year olds will get the most from it.

To book a place at the meal visit or call 01733 893077.