The Beast

Sat 5th August, 12noon-4pm
Where: Various routes around the city centre culminating in Cathedral Square
Who: Francis Thorburn
What: Parade

The Beast is a large scale procession through the city. Operated by people from across the globe who chose to live and work in Peterborough, The Beast celebrates the vital role these workers play in keeping city’s ‘machines’ working.

Concerns about a post–Brexit future are at the forefront of many people’s minds, particularly for migrant workers and their families who have built a life here. Francis’ processions embody the romance of epic journeys, depicting a tribe of travellers from another place exercising their freedom of movement. This fictitious narrative of the nomad is present in the work, but it also highlights the reality of the immigrant experience and their unpredictable future in the UK.

The route of The Beast is shrouded in mystery – bound by the needs of the people as to what deliveries need to be made. To witness this spectacle, keep your eyes peeled on Facebook @PlanetBPeterB.

“My wife is Polish as are many of my friends. There is a real possibility that we may face separation as a result of Brexit. Should this happen the social fabric of my life would be torn, which is exactly what would happen in Peterborough and nationally, if communities and loved ones are prised apart by Brexit.”