Are you a Cambridge-based business?

Does your business want to save money and become greener?

Investors in the Environment (iiE) Consultancy is working alongside Cambridge City Council to offer up to 15 businesses the chance to receive half-price consultancy services (pay just £750 for services normally valued at £1,500!)

Eligible businesses must be based within Cambridge and have less than 800 employees. We can help you save money on energy, water and waste bills if your current usage is more than £10,000 per year.

- Resource efficiency auditing.
- Feasibility studies.
- Grant support and advice. 
- Reporting on short and long-term savings.
- Help complying with environmental legislation. 

Don't miss this exclusive offer! For the first time ever iiE Consultancy, working alongside Cambridge City Council, is running a funded project in Cambridge. 15 eligible businesses will be selected to receive up to a year's worth of consultancy support, which saves on average £7,000 per business. Last year alone we saved businesses a total of £300,000. 
For more infomation please contact Stuart Dawks on 01733 866439 or email Visit