Queensgate Waste Audit

Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) was commissioned by Queensgate Shopping Centre to conduct a comprehensive audit of waste management operations at the Centre.

The audit involved a review of materials thrown away on a daily basis, the recommendation and implementation of improvements, engagement with retailers and shoppers and investigation of industry wide practice.

This five month project worked with 125 different stores and a weekly footfall of 330,000 people.

Results included a 10% increase in recycling rates, recycling bins next to all waste bins for the general public, and the purchase of a more efficient baler to compact cardboard and plastics. An automated lighting system which makes the most of natural sunlight has helped cut electricity consumption by 30% compared to 2006.
Public recycling bins for paper, bottles and cans make life easy for shoppers.
Queensgate recycles an average of eight tonnes of cardboard a year - the equivalent weight of four family cars. The project also won a Green Apple Award for its achievements.