What makes you proud of Peterborough?

The charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT) wants to hear your views. We aim to shape our work to best meet local need, in order to make a real difference. We need your help to achieve more for the city.

There is a huge opportunity for us to collectively create change on critical issues, such as climate change and its wide reaching implications – locally and globally, both now and in the future – plus on issues such as inequity, food and energy security, biodiversity and habitat loss. All of these issues need to be understood and acted upon if we want to create better places to live and a brighter future.

It’s really important for us to hear from people in Peterborough about what matters to them! Please do get in touch with us to let us know your views.

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Please let us know your views by using #Proud2BPeterborough. For more information call 01733 568408 or email info@pect.org.uk. Thank you.